Monday, May 29, 2017

Bela 10667-10672: Superhero Mighty Micros Line Preview

Interested to see the quality of these.

Bela 10667 and Bela 10668

Bela 10669 and Bela 10670

Bela 10671 and Bela 10672

I still don't see myself buying from Bela if SY has the same thing. But if Bela creates something that the others don't, then maybe I'll give them a chance. I think the best thing Bela can do right now to increase sales is to create the sets that Lepin/SY haven't, especially since Bela doesn't seem to do their own MOC releases..

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  1. SY has this set?

    I've only seen it from some obscure manufacturer and can't find it again.

    1. I think I've seen the Thanos one from SY.. Or was that Lepin.. Now i'm not so sure haha. I am absolutely sure that I saw some Falcon vs Crossbones Marvel Mighty Micros from SY..

  2. Do you have a link store for this? If you have, you can emailed it to me, in case of Lego restriction to share on bootleg seller

    1. I don't really wanna advertise any stores.. I could give you links but I recommend that you browse the sellers themselves to ensure you're getting the best deal possible for you in terms of pricing, shipping, warranty, etc. What you can do to easily find them is to go to aliexpress and jsut type the code of the item you want.

      Sometimes though the sellers sell them as a complete set aka all of those in one purchase. So example just type Bela 10671 for the Thanos vs Iron Man one and browse through the number of choices available :)