Thursday, May 25, 2017

Decool 7106: Spider-Helicopter Rescue Review

I'll be focusing on the minifigs on this one though.

6 bags for pieces (including minifigs) + 1 bag for Green Goblin + 2 helicopter things + 1 manual

Came with this! Has Decool logo which is neat!

First thing I noticed while building was that the pieces were kinda rough and pointy. I just finished building my SY Kamala Khan set then which was very satisfying to build, but this one was kinda rough.

I was missing one 3x1 red brick part. Good thing I had a spare. 

There are three play features. 
1) Missile launcher, 4 missiles total -- fires two per press of the technic piece behind.
2) Web launcher, basically there a string piece and you just push it out with technic parts
3) You attach Spider-Man inside the second cockpit, then push technic piece behind and he falls, presumably with a web piece. Reference: picture above.

The extra parts. No hands for the minifigs too btw. Didn't use some of the stickers anymore. 

Glider's great. Those designs are from stickers btw. Some might prefer it, some might not. The glider's unique though more or less, since the single sale bigfig Green Goblin doesn't come with one.

I gotta say, this bigfig is pretty bad compared to the other Decool bigfigs I have. To be fair though, the others are way simpler like Rhino and Hulk, only having a few colors and print. 

You see lots of paint on the wrong parts like that silver on Green Goblin's black sleeves and that black on Green Goblin's leg. Also, you can see you plastic nubs on certain parts.

I've seen better Decool quality.. I don't know what went wrong with this set.. Also, the alternate face's lips' print is not aligned properly. No intention of using that face though so no worries for me. Mary Jane though is sort of an essential and a unique thing; can't get her anywhere else but through this set as far as I know. Same with Luke Cage/Power Man which is the reason I bought this set.

The Power Man's quality is on par with Mary Jane's. Not great, but not bad either. The head's print though is lower than usual. I'm honestly just surprised why there's no Luke Cage with the classic yellow t-shirt costume yet. Maybe because Chinese bootleggers can't identify him as a superhero? Still though, I'd want one or at least the classic Luke Cage with the weird costume.

On the right is XINH's old Falcon minifig. The print quality of that fig is actually nice. I'll be replacing Decool Power Man's head with Xinh's Falcon's head because it seems better. [Also, XINH Falcon's torso = Iron Man 3's Extremis Soldier torso, which is why I bought him (for possibly future MOCs)]

Finally, Spider-Man. He's the worst Decool fig I've ever seen, quality wise. On the right is Sheng Yuan's Spider-Man. In real life, Decool Spider-Man's print is not bright and sharp, so it looks a bit faded. His edges are also significantly sharper than Mary Jane's and Power Man's. Honestly I'm a bit happy that's the case instead of Mary Jane and Power Man being worse.

Overall, I don't recommend this set. I actually already disassembled the Spider-Copter already. Just get this if you want Power Man, Mary Jane, and Green Goblin's glider. OR you could just wait for KL or WM or XINH or POGO to make a Power Man minifig; we should have high hopes since KL actually made Beetle from the same Marvel line as this one afaik (after years of not having a bootlego release). Another option which is best is to just get an official TLG Power Man from Bricklink or something.

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