Saturday, May 13, 2017

DOLL D171-5: Tan Soldier Minifig with Accessories Review

Kind of a spontaneous review and buy, though I absolutely love it.

Before anything, these are the accessories that come with it. Just one gun but the other weapons are so unique and I love them! More below.  

The front of the minifig. I'm not a fan of the greens, you'll see some green parts here and there but it doesn't really ruin the minifig and well, it kinda differentiates the minifig from other tan camo minifigs; though that could be a pro or a con. 

Quality wise, it's great. This is my first DOLL minifig and I love it. The other only thing I don't like about this minifig is the face, it just looks so unnatural for TLG/minifig standards. 

 Side view. I like to compare him to DLP soldiers. There's side printing on the arms and even the legs! Wow! Nice one, DOLL!

The back view. Yes, that vest is 3D and not just printed on. Printing looks great just like all the other parts. Oh and no back head print which is good for this case since he doesn't come with hair/hats that cover his back face, unlike DLP that keeps including alternate faces even when inappropriate.

Here goes the front without the vest. See that green right above the belt and before the tummy? Not a fan. Some other people might like it though, but some might not. Also to those curious, the vest is not loose, it fits in nice, not too tight and not too loose. 

I'll be keeping his vest off since I'm gonna be using the vest for a Marvel MOC. Maybe I'll post about it next time! 

There's also something about the legs, or more specifically the feet/studs that feel so good. Like, when I attach him to a plate, it feels so good; it's not too hard or tight to attach him (just his bottom holes okay) but not too loose as well. 

My favorite part! From the top, left to right, then bottom, left to right: machete, baton, retractable (just for design) baton, combat knife, headset, flashbang grenade, frag grenade, pistol, flashlight, radio. It's my first time to see these accessories and I love them. More below.

[He also came with some bricks and a door, for a combined build with the others in the same set.]

I love the accessories but I'm not a fan of the headset because to me, it fits loosely. The ideal way, for me since others don't do this, is to tuck the headset into a helmet like in the picture above. (It's so hard to do that though, at least for the DLP ones.)  

The grenades in hand! The frag grenade fits in awkwardly because the holding piece is half the size of the hand.  

Oh I love this baton! Same as what the STRIKE team members used in Captain America Winter Soldier elevator scene! Generally though, great accessory! 

The flashlight piece was very handy too! 

I knew DOLL was an okay brand, not good, not bad, just okay, but after seeing this minifig, I can say that it's good. I look forward to getting more DOLL minifigs. 

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  1. Great! Thanks for the review. I was debating on trying these, and I might for the accessories.