Tuesday, May 2, 2017

DTB DTB004: Marvel's Doc Samson Minifig MOC

Hopefully recognizable even without the presence of the Hulk. 

The picture above is actually an updated MOC. 

Initially just used all black legs/hip. Also, the red print on the arm from POGO's Hyperion was faded. 

Nothing fancy with the sides. 

Hideous arm because of printing. 

Hulk made him more recognizable. 

The parts I used: 
TDK Joker for the hair (From POGO/XINH), 
Red Hulk for torso (From DLP), 
Hyperion for arms (From POGO), 
Bruce Lee for legs (From WM)

Though I did update him just recently and gave him yellow hips from an old Reverse Flash minifig from SY. Also gave him a new pair of arms from a new Hyperion minifig. 

For reference, this is what he looks like in the comics. I'm thinking of getting Flash legs with yellow feet/boots then just using plain old black marker to mark certain parts and give him pants like above. I'll also mark the crotch part black so we can give him a more accurate looking belt. As for the lightning on his chest, I'm too amateur for that haha. 

Here is his Marvel Legends toy. Too bad I'm not aware of any "Thor-like hair" pieces that are in green. I'll share with you guys once my minifig looks more like this. Well IF he ever does haha. 

Share your thoughts below! Think the minifig is good enough to pass as Doc Samson? Or are there any other changes I can make? Don't forget to like us in Facebook as well for more updates and an easier time for you guys to share insights, questions, comments, and more!



  1. Replies
    1. Hahaha yeah sadly. There are no other green hair pieces I'm aware of that look like Doc Samson's hair. Maybe if I find a Thor-like hair that's green, I'll reassemble my Joker haha

    2. You can try to color Thor's hair. I guess you have markers now, right?

    3. Haven't had the time to really look for markers yet, but the academic year is about to end so I'll have more time by then. Right now, I'm just focusing on my finals haha