Tuesday, May 23, 2017

DTB DTB009: Stilt-Man (Daredevil Villain) Minifig MOC

One of my fave MOCs despite being a weird supervillain..

Side view.  

If it wasn't obvious enough, the legs are just made from those pieces.. Whatever you call them haha 

His parts are composed of: 
Head - Batman 3000 (Just for the red eyes)
Helmet - Ultron Sentry (Cause it's grey)
Armor - BvS Armored Batman (To make Stilt-Man look bulkier)
Body/Legs/Arms - SY Ant-Man minifig from Ant-Man Mech (Basically any grey body)

Again, this is an Ultron helmet on a Batman 3000 head; still on the lookout for more suited helmets but I'm content with this one as well. But the drawback here is that the helmet needs to be not too pushed down too far so that the red part can act as the eyes. 

For reference. 

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