Sunday, May 28, 2017

DTB: Haul for May 28, 2017 from Local Collectors

Just a bit of tiny haul, but a great one!

L-R: POGO Daredevil Netflix, SY Thor with Helmet, SY Invisible Woman (Clear), XINH Doc Ock

L-R: SY Galactus, SY Ant-Man, SY Nova Corpsman, SY(?) MCU Hydra Soldier

These ones are just extra parts for MOCs. L-R: Ghost Rider, Batgirl, Silver Surfer, two sais and one hairpiece. 

L-R: The Thing (white shorts for my Future Foundation), Rogue One blind guy for parts.

Of course, one of the top guys in my wishlist, Jean Grey finally!!

Went to a local mini convention and was able to pick these up from other local collectors! 

So happy with my Jean Grey and Daredevil Netflix specifically!!! 
Still surprised that I didn't see a single Decool Bullseye (who's on my wishlist)..

Edit: Thanks, Batsie Blocks for some corrections on the names and brands! 

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  1. Galactus is SY for sure, Doc Ock is certainly not Pogo.

    Oh and I think those are sai, not kunai.

    1. Thanks!! :D Oh yeah, sai are the ones you throw haha thanks man I'll update! :D