Friday, May 12, 2017

DTB: Small Minifigs Haul for May 5, 2017

Reviews coming in a few hours/tomorrow! 

Iron Fist and Lady Deadpool from WM. 

Peggy Carter and Spider-Man 1604 from KL. 

A soldier from DOLL. 

The soldier came with these accessories. Love it so far.

Some Star Wars from POGO and XINH, will be using these for a project though.

Will be giving out my individual thoughts on the WM, KL, and even the lone DOLL one in a few hours or tomorrow! So stay tuned!

Any requests? Want me to look into something regarding these figs? Share them below or through Facebook! Don't forget to like our page as well to get updates asap!


  1. Peggy carter looks interesting.

    1. Would've preferred her blue dress/suit look in the show, but this is better for First Avenger fans :D