Saturday, May 13, 2017

DTB DTB005: Marvel Wasp Minifig MOC/MOD

A small mod to make a pretty big difference [for one minifig].

Parts were: 
XINH's Wasp minifig for the torso, arms, legs, and wings. 
KL's Crystal's face. (I guess any female face would work, it's just that I had a spare Crystal minifig)
Red Ninjago guy's hair. Don't know his name, but his hair seems perfect. Was actually looking at pixie cut hairpieces but I saw this one and I think it's better. 

This is XINH's original Wasp minifig head ans hair piece. Did Wasp have a ponytail? Uhh, haven't seen her with one. Also, that face doesn't look too good or even appropriate. 

These are where I got my design choices from. Wasp has had a lot of haircuts, but those are the ones that I think suit her Ninjago hair. The second picture is actually from the game Marvel Future Fight that I used to play. Phone can't handle it anymore and I've been buying sets and minifigs instead of saving up for a new phone.. Haha. 

If you want a more detailed look at XINH's Wasp, you can check out Digger318's video review

Think she looks good? Or is pixie cut hair better? Hopefully the next Ant-Man movie, Ant-Man and the Wasp will have her as a minifig, and hopefully the movie gives her a great design! Share your thoughts below and don't forget to like us on Facebook for more MOCs, news, updates, reviews, and more!


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