Monday, May 1, 2017

Duo Le Pin DLP506D: Spider-Man and his Spider Build and Minifig Review

It was such a pain looking for this guy. 

He comes with a big spider build similar to the one of the Spider-Man minifig sets from DLP.

Print was good as always! One of the best, as usual, from DLP. Way better than my Deadpool from the same set.

Same goes for the back. It was nice to see back printed legs. Good as usual from DLP!

The sides are great as well! 

Some would think that this Spider-Mech minifig has already been released before but you're wrong. The one on the right may be the one you're thinking of, which is a different character.

These are the characters in non-Lego form. Courtesy of the game Spider-Man Unlimited. 

Let's talk about the spider as well. It's not a 100% copy of DLP's previous spider build from its other Spider-Man minifig set.

Oh I think it's worth noting that I was missing a part from my bag. You can see that the front leg is different from the 3 behind it, that's the part that's missing. Easy to replace, but still worth noting. (I simply used that part as replacement so I can easily show you guys what was missing.)

The one on the right is the previous spider from DLP. He's a bit bigger and has some differences. It could be worth noting that the spider on the right did come with 8 Spider-Man minifigs, each of them having certain parts of the spider which meant more allowance for parts compared to DLP506's lone minifig. 

Left is new DLP506 spider, right is older one. As you can see, the older spider has additional pieces on its legs. Does it make a big difference? I don't think so. But it does add to the overall look of the spider as a terrifying creature. 

Also, the newer spider's butt is smaller than the new one. It's length is decreased by 1 stud compared to the newer one. The width stays the same thugh. In the new one too, there's a 2x2 stud area left for the minifig to sit on while in the old one, it's covered by a different piece. 

There's Spidey on his big pet!!

I still can't get enough of Spider-Man. Please make more!!! 

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  1. Where did you get this figure? I've been trying to find it on aliexpress but have had no luck.

    1. I got them from a local store. Lots of people are looking for it in AliExpress but still have nothing. :( I'm also trying to find it. I'll update you guys if ever I find some, and you're free to update me as well so we can share to the others. :D

    2. Hi again. A comment on my blog linked me to this ebay seller. Not sure about his details, if it's US only or what. Also, I'm in no way affiliated with the seller. So please don't point fingers if you get scammed, also no need for thanks if the seller's legit.

      I hope he's the real deal for you + I hope it's affordable in terms of time and money. Again, I AM IN NO WAY AFFILIATED WITH THIS SELLER. A blog follower just happened to find him and shared it with us. Thanks @/ other Anonymous haha unless that's also you then thanks! :D

  2. I ordered one set for myself, and some extras to sell to hopefully offset the cost of pricey international shipping. They're on eBay here.

    I think they're just set for US now, but I can change it if you're outside the US. (I'm on vacation until next week, so I won't be able to ship until next Monday, FYI.)

    1. I see. I'll tell people about this ebay guy. Hopefully he's legit. Update us if you get scammed, though I hope you don't. Enjoy the set because so far, the Spider-Man and Deadpool were pretty good. Deadpool having a bit of issues but still pretty good in general.

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