Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Duo Le Pin DLP9045: Superior Iron Man Minifig Review

Will share my thoughts and pics to this guy since a follower requested!

I gotta say, this guy is the highlight of DLP9045. The other Iron Man figs in the set also look great and I was planning on buying the whole set but decided against it because I saw this on single sale and this one's the highlight anyway. Will instead buy the Captain America DLP set when I find it, specifically for Captain America Bucky Barnes, Stealth Suit from Winter Soldier movie, and WW2 Suit. 

Back to the minifig, the details are great! The articulation is great as well! 

I'm surprised that the side printing was also present and pretty detailed despite being covered by the arms for the most part anyway! Even leg side prints were great! No fades, no blurs, just clear and solid prints!

The back has some decent printing too! That includes the legs as well! 

No alternate face. Not a big deal for me though, but to others it may be. 

Just showing how good the leg prints are. That white area is of course just the part under the torso hence it's blankness. 

In comparison with a normal Iron Man suit. I find Superior Tony's face a bit akward, with that his mouth being inside a rectangle.. but you really won't notice it until you look closely and for the most part I think it makes the face look more interesting. 

ALSO, CREDITS GO TO LEYILEBRICK FOR THE DESIGN! Kudos to DLP as well for the well-made clone though, but credits are really for Leyilebrick.


  1. Where'd you find him for single sale?

    1. I bought from a local store, not online sorry :(