Saturday, May 13, 2017

Enlighten 1403: Robot Series Space War Like Power Rangers Megazord Combiner Mech Preview


Enlighten 1403-1 - Mech + Bike + Wolf
Enlighten 1403-2 - Mech + Bike + Cobra

Enlighten 1403-3 - Mech + Bike + Panda
Enlighten 1403-4 - Mech + Bike + T-Rex

Enlighten 1403-5 - Mech + Bike + Parrot

This looks great. Has the same vibe as the original Megazord but it's obviously different. Also, the minifigs included seem unique! 

Thanks to Facebook follower, Konstantin for the heads up on these new(?) Enlighten sets! There are so many!

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  1. Enlighten also have new this year Transformers inspired combiners: Devastator, Superion and Bruticus.

    They look very well put together. I especially love the look of Superion.

    1. Yeah I've seen those before even in person and I'm honestly a fan. This MegaZord looking one though was a new sight for me that's why I posted about them. Maybe I'll post about those when there's nothing else to post about haha

  2. I notice they are using this mf mask mold in gold in the new `origin ohf the gods` sets too.