Sunday, May 14, 2017

Enlighten 2305-2310: The War of Glory (Similar to Warcraft) Batch 2 (of 3) Sets Preview

Second batch [of 3] of Enlighten's Warcraft clones!! (First previewed here)

Enlighten 2305 - I feel bad for that human vs the elf.. Hahaha

Enlighten 2306 - Now the human has the bigger bird!

Enlighten 2307 - Golem bigfig vs Humans tank!

Enlighten 2308 - Another cool looking tiger for the minifig! Dwarf guy looks great too!

Enlighten 2309 - Bigger tree guy compared to the first batch!

Enlighten 2310 - Now that's a ride for a king!

I was gonna upload all of the remaining ones but there's too many, 7 more and my internet is being slow and I need to sleep since I have a test tomorrow. Sorry guys, just treat this as some sort of teaser haha! 

Thanks to David and Muhammad for the heads up on these guys!

Check out the first 4 War of Glory sets here!

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  1. I knew these were coming, glad to see better pictures of them. I wish the human/dwarf character were fleshed colored though... They have another new series coming also, Creation of the Gods I think it's called, looks interesting too.

    1. Their official release should be in a month or so, in any case later than that of the "The War of Glory" theme (which should have been released on 5th May according to the official 2017 catalogue, no idea whether it was).

    2. Yeah these new ones aren't in their site yet but the catalogue does show a lot, except the image quality of the sets there are really bad sadly