Monday, May 15, 2017

Enlighten 2311-2317: The War of Glory (Similar to Warcraft) Batch 3 (of 3) Sets with Big Castle and More Preview

3rd batch [of 3] from Enlighten's Warcraft like series! (For previous, check here and here.)

Enlighten 2311 - Twin Headed Dragon vs humans! Love that cannon from the humans.

Enlighten 2312 - Human vs Elvish tank. 

Enlighten 2313 - Human mech transformer? Nexo Knights is that you? Haha

Enlighten 2314 - Dwarven workshop vs elf rider.

Enlighten 2315 - Human sea castle invasion.

Enlighten 2316 - Epic air ship. 

Enlighten 2317 - This > Nexo Knights castle.

Those names above are simply made up by me, so just use the item codes! 

For the previous two batches of The War of Glory, check here and here!

Thanks again to David and Muhammad for the heads up on these guys!

I'm really interested in these sets and I hope to get some if my local stores have them!

Thanks to Anonymous for clearer pictures and even review links in the comments section! Check them out!

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  1. Here some high-res pictures for sets 2311-2314:





    I also found a review of 2311 at with lots of photos. It is disappointing to see that they work with stickers to some extent, especially when it comes to shields, see and . Remember, in their previous theme "Knights" of 2014 the shields were printed.

    1. Oh yes, as there are already several resellers at Taobao, the price is < 10 € or $ for these four sets.

      2311 and 2313 are available for 48 Yuan (~ 7 €/$) each, 2312 for 35 Yuan (~ 5 €/$), 2314 for 55 Yuan (~ 8 €/$). As soon as more resellers pop up prices might still fall a little, but I think it already gives a good impression where we are heading to.

    2. Woah that's a lot! Thanks for those! :D

  2. You're welcome :) Just noticed, there are already the first resellers at AliExpress as well.

    Two of the female elves show off lots of skin. Lego wouldn't do that I guess ;)

    1. Hopefully the printing is good... just realized, the leg printing on the knight from the review linked above is really poor

      The other minifigs / parts seem to be alright, but Enlighten will have to improve its quality, otherwise they won't be able to compete against the clone brands in the long run. E. g. the horses in 1501, the mold is a great idea, but they accept larger tolerances. The different parts of the horse (which have to be assembled manually when it comes to Enlighten) don't fit together as well as e. g. the horse in SY165. Which means, when changing the pose of the SY horse, everything is smooth. When changing the pose of the Enlighten horse, there's some squeaking. On one of the Enlighten horses the saddle piece also doesn't fit perfectly, with a very small gap remaining between saddle and back of the horse. Considering that Enlighten has been around for years and should have much more experience it is disappointing that some of the new clone brands (at least SY, more specifially, SY165 - my only experience ;) ) outperform Enlighten.

  3. Three more reviews with lots of pictures:

    1. Those look great. I really wanna get my hands on them so I can review them myself.. :(

  4. Some more official pictures, this time for 2315 and 2317:


  5. And I just found another review, this time for 2317 at . The armour piece for the horse IS PRINTED :D :D :D , you can see it on
    Funnily, this seems to be due to Enlighten relying on the old mold for both horse and horse armour - in contrast, the horse in e. g. 2311 is the new mold (poseable rear, molded forelock). Anyway :D

    There are lots of photos in that review, but it took me quite some time to load them all. To avoid this, I've uploaded them at Wetransfer (which is going to be available for two weeks I think) at . To have them in the "correct" order, sort by date. Have fun :D

    1. Oh yeah, and it's indeed a 92 MB zip file due to almost 100 jpg files.

    2. Thanks for these man/men! Don't know if you're the same Anonymous haha I'll refer the readers to the comments section to see all of those! :)