Sunday, May 21, 2017

JINRUN JR923: DC Superhero Girls Minifigs Preview

Anyone have experience with JINRUN? 

I don't know much about JINRUN, but I think it's not so good. I just don't know how bad it is. 


  1. Looks horrible. Supergirl and Ivy will shoot everyone!

    None of batgirls look close to the original. And who the heck is top left character?

    1. Yeah who the hell is that top left guy.. HAHAHA maybe it's a bootleg-only character or a character they changed to cater to kids

    2. I guess it was supposed to be Katana in concept, but they could not mold her so the only thing that was left is her sword lol.

      Btw Harley's hammer is 2 connected tyreless wheels. This is so bad.

      I was really hoping someone will issue Super Girls minifigs, but if it's gonna be like this, then "No, thank you".

    3. well maybe others can make more. Bela's making some, right? but idk if they do single sale..