Tuesday, May 2, 2017

KAZI KY6601-KY6607: X-Agents Minifigs and Builds Similar to Tron

I loved Tron. But will I love this?

KY 6601 pictured above. 8 in 1 apparently.

KY6602 pictured above and its two minifigs.

KY6603 pictured above. No minifig close up pictures but those are close ups of their vehicles. That orange wheel looks great honestly.

KY6604 pictured above and its minifigs.

KY6605 and its minifigs errr Old Man Logan.. Joke. Haha. Interesting that despite the neon light thing going on, the print designs are still different.

KY6606 pictured above including its minifigs and that mini mech. The truck itself looks sleek.

Okay now I can see the recycling of the pieces. KY6607 pictured above.

If you're looking for these sets in AliExpress, the best terms to use would be the numbers, try both WITH "KY" and WITHOUT. Also, remember to try the term "X-Agents" as well with the term "KAZI" included.

I think these sets really capture the Tron vibe pretty well. Do you think so?

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Thanks to wickedlemon over at herobloks.com for the heads up!


  1. I am quite interested in these Tron/Agents sets but I haven't yet heard from anyone giving them positive reviews. I asked on the Reddit feed a while back but no one had much to say.

    1. Yeah I don't really feel the KAZI presence.. If I do see a KAZI set in person, I'll pick one up just to review the brand itself. Hopefully I do see the X-Agents/Tron one..

  2. I thought they belong to Ultra Agent series. But Kazi does not copy Lego sets, but makes mocs based on this theme: https://brickset.com/sets/theme-Ultra-Agents

    1. Yeah kinda seeing this as a combination of Tron and TLG's Ultra Agents. And yeah, I guess we can consider Kazi as a legit brand since they don't copy official TLG designs anyway