Saturday, May 13, 2017

KL Brand KL037: Agent Peggy Cater (Captain America First Avenger) Minifig Review

My Captain America minifigs will be happy, but not my Sharon Carter minifig. Haha

This minifig is a good sign for KL's quality improvement! Torso is good, legs aren't that good because they're not dual molded but it's not too bad either. Also, the gun included isn't TLG design and I actually like it this way, suits the WWII theme better.  

A look at the sides. You can see the typical bootleg prints overlapping the side, for the legs at least.  

Back view. Great that the legs back back printing! Still not a fan of the hair piece's quality but it's an improvement over KL's previous Medusa and other Inhumans/mutants

Oh and she's also got an angry face! Yay! I mean GRRR! LOL. Back torso print looks good too.  

Let's that shield, Cap. 

And of course the couple's long awaited drink! 

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