Friday, May 12, 2017

KL Brand KL041: Spider-Man Year 1602 Minifig Review!

Welcome addition to my spider-verse collection! Still waiting for black suit though..

So far my best minifig from KL! (With a bit of bias since I love Spider-Man) The biggest issue would be the legs and its printing, see the pictures below for more information! Plastic wise, it's great compared to how the Inhumans/Mutants set's plastic were, especially the hair pieces..

He comes with string web! The head's a first for being a head with open eyes and not just white lens/shades. 

No side prints. Not a big deal really, but side prints would have been appreciated but I guess the character himself doesn't really need/have them. Notice though the badly aligned prints for the legs. Not too bad though at least.  

The head has back printing though which looks great! Also, the legs aren't dual molded but at least KL put in enough effort to paint the boots red! 

Reference pictures for Spider-Man 1602! 

When you're centuries apart but you still use the same webbing! Haha! 

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Lady Deadpool from WM and Peggy Carter from KL reviews coming soon! 


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