Thursday, May 18, 2017

Kopf DA016: Guardians of the Galaxy Taserface Minifig Preview

First decent bootleg Taserface? Previously seen in MR Brand preview and Decool preview.

This Taserface doesn't have his TLG rocket launcher though.

The Decool preview of this showed us a Taserface, but his hair was different from TLG, he did have his rocket launcher though. 

MR brand also had a preview but MR is more or less unknown and have only heard bad news about them, hopefully the brand can prove me wrong. 

Right now I'm still waiting for what the real brand of this minifig is, normally Kopf minifigs have KF in their codes. Anyone familiar with DA? I thought Dargo but Dargo sets/minifigs don't have letters. I'll update the blog as soon as I get more info!

Share your thoughts below or through Facebook (Like the page as well!) especially if you know what DA is or where this minifig really came from! 

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