Monday, May 22, 2017

Kopf KF244: Kamala Khan Minifig Preview

Well this is disappointing.. 

Why disappointing? Personally because I just bought the whole set from SY for her. 
Second, because she still doesn't have stretched arms like TLG's. 

But hey, I'm 90% sure that SY's quality is better, or at least on par, with Kopf's so no problem. The jet included in SY's set is surprisingly pretty nice too! Review coming up later or tomorrow! 


  1. Picture looks very photoshopped to me. I wonder if it's Kopf who did this.

    1. Well kopf always previews photoshopped pics, then the final products can be good quality or bad.. haha

    2. I meant the cg pic was additionally photoshopped for unknown reason.

    3. Ohhh yeah, I do see some inconsistency.. Hmmm guess we'll have to wait and see :/

    4. i think that minifigure are not kopf brand they always use there logo to attached for example dlp9050 minifigure set & then they post in ali express that set & remove the DLP brand & use the kopf can research that minifigures in aliexpress you will now the original brand of that minifigure...they always using that they & change the original brand to there logo

    5. Yeah they do that lots of times, but there are also times wherein they have their own minifigs like Jessica Jones/Jewel minifig that no other bootlegger has released yet except for them