Friday, May 12, 2017

Kopf KF6017: The Horror Series Minifigs Preview

Credits to most probably.

Most likely most of these, if not all, came from I'd recommend picking up the minifigs from them since they should have better quality. Also, it's a way of supporting their hard work in deciding these. 

KF208 - Sadako from The Ring, too bad no tv.
KF209 - Carrie from Carrie
KF210 - Jeepers Creeper, haven't watched the movie. 
KF211 - Hannibal in a restraining suit hence no arms, clever!
KF212 - Jason from Friday the 13th!
KF213 - The demon/ghost/whatever from the Exorcist
KF214 - Clockwork Orange, haven't watched
KF215 - The Priest aka the Exorcist
KF216 - Candyman, not familiar with movie

We've previewed some of them before already.


  1. Not really interested in getting these, but the mere fact that they even exist is amazing.

  2. Where can i get them?

    1. Just search AliExpress for their item codes or if you have local stores, try asking there! If you're from the Philippines, I get mine from AngeloMarcus Greenhills