Thursday, May 25, 2017

Kopf KF6020: Various Star Wars Droids and Characters Minifigs Preview

Didn't expect these but yay for the Star Wars fans!

KF225 - Some astromech droid
KF227 - R2-D2 serving Jabba's guests?
KF228 - Some astromech droid?
KF205 - TFA Old man Luke Skywalker
KF143 - Some guy from Hoth? Han was in blue? Luke had different costume?
KF230 - Normal R2-D2??? Seriously?
KF229 - Christmas astromech droid?
KF226 - R2-D2 with deer horns?

If you've got the names, please share them! 

KF205 and KF143 have been around for a while now, the other ones haven't been as far as I'm aware.