Thursday, May 25, 2017

Kopf KF6021: Various Characters Minifigs like Goku, Moana, and More!

We've seen most of these before but hre's the big set. 

KF202 - Jester from Series 12
KF203 - Skeletor from He-Man
KF204 - Weapon X aka Wolverine from Marvel/X-Men
KF206 - Goku from Dragon Ball
KF207 - He-Man from He-Man
KF231 - Aurra Sing from Star Wars
KF243 - Maui from Moana
KF261 - Logan from Logan movie

Thanks to Anonymous for some of the names!


  1. 202 is just a Jester clone from series 12

  2. maui is SY's set. So is Kopf and SY partners?

    1. Honestly.. I think they are, or at least that Kopf loves stealing from them. Kopf has been releasing their exclusive bigfigs like Colossus and Abomination. And also recently, they previewed a DLP set and claimed it as their own. (SY = DLP supposedly)