Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Lepin 03042: King of Glory Minifigs

I really love the parts of these King of Glory minifigs. 

If you have all of them, you get to build that monster thing! Probably a creep from the game? Again, I don't know anything about the game except it's like Dota but for phones in China haha.

Just scroll through here to browse other previews of King of Glory sets/minifigs.

Love these designs? Or would you rather that Lepin and the other bootleggers made something else? Share your thoughts below and please like us on Facebook for the latest updates and reviews!


  1. Oh neat! I recently ordered the Lepin set 03041 (and also Sheng Yuan's King of Glory SY654), I didn't know they had more on the way! I'm very familiar with League of Legends but not so much with this chinese spin-off, being in Canada and all, but I think these are perfect to make MOC fantasy type minifigs.

    1. Yeah I think that even if you don't know anything about KoG, you'd still wanna buy their minifigs since they actually look good + their parts are unique for the most part yay

  2. Hope is it what you see is what you get in the actual figures vs picture, and not like McD advertisement.

  3. Yeah let's hope so. Also hoping for more early reviews. I'll see if I can pick them up but it's not really in my budget for now + a busy month for me right now :(