Friday, May 19, 2017

POGO PG1009-PG1016: Various Ninjago Characters Minifigs Preview

Help me name them!

Thanks to our Facebook follower, Abigail, for the millionth time for the heads up! Haha!

Help me name them please! 

PG1009 - Shadow from Tournament of Elements
PG1010 - Ash from Tournament of Elements
PG1011 - Slackjaw
PG1012 - Commander Blunck
PG1013 - Rivett
PG1014 - Vermin
PG1015 - Commander Raggmunk
PG1016 - General Machia

Thanks to GNZ and xen0bia for the names!

I'm no Ninjago follower but I'm loving the parts of these guys so far.

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  1. 1009 Shadow from Tournament of Elements (Ninjago)
    1010 Ash from Tournament of Elements (Ninjago)

  2. OMG I'm buying these a million times!!!! Even if it's Ninjago, those bad guys fits in perfectly for fantasy bad guys, yay! I'm so happy they crammed so many of them in one set, easy army building! My life made easier.

    1011 Slackjaw
    1012 Commander Blunck
    1013 Rivett
    1014 Vermin
    1015 Commander Raggmunk
    1016 General Machia

    1. I know man, they have really great parts! Oh and wow thanks for the names! :D