Wednesday, May 31, 2017

POGO PG8054: [4 of 8] Star Trek Minifigs Set Preview

No signs of the remaining figs but stores have them listed under PG8054. 
(Assuming there are 8 of them in the set as usual.)

PG950 - Captain Jonathan Archer or Lt. Trip Tucker
PG951 - T'Pol

PG952 - Ensign Travis Mayweather
PG953 - Captain Jonathan Archer or Lt. Trip Tucker

Thanks to Anonymous for the names!

Of course I'll be updating you guys once the whole set gets previewed. So stay tuned! Like us on Facebook to keep up with the updates!

Don't forget to share your thoughts below or through Facebook! Sorry that I'm not too much of a Star Trek fan.. Might watch the rebooted movies soon though!


  1. Here's a little more info. These are from the 2001-2005 prequel series Star Trek: Enterprise. PG950 is Captain Archer and PG953 is Trip. The rest are correct. Also maybe worth noting is that T'Pol is in her Season 3 outfit. Hope that helps :)

    As a lifelong Star Trek fan, I'm very excited to see these and hope they continue with the rest of the crews!

    1. If I had to guess what the other 4 might be (assuming there are any) - Lt. Malcolm Reed, Ensign Hoshi Sato, and Dr. Phlox would complete the main cast.

      The final spot could be anyone; perhaps a prominent guest star like Admiral Forrest, Soval or Andorian Commander Shran. If they end up doing the whole main cast, there's a lot of potential for customizing the minor officers and guest characters from the show using these uniforms!

    2. Oh man, now you're tempting me to go out there and watch some Star Trek!! Sadly I just don't have the time for now, maybe someday. Thanks for the information though. :D

      I'm willing to bet that in a few days, the other 4 will be previewed. If not, then I guess that's weird.. I'll make sure to update though as soon as I see the other 4 + if other brands make other Star Trek stuff :D