Sunday, May 7, 2017

POGO PGPJ0034, PGPJ0037, PGPJ0040-PGPJ0042: Sci-fi Guns for Minifigs Preview

More POGO guns!

PGPJ0034 - Looks like Halo's Marksman rifle
PGPJ0037 - We saw this preview from previous sets but in black

Saw these two in previous set too but in black.
PGPJ0040 - Looks like EPIII Clone Trooper blaster
PGPJ0041 - Looks like another sci-fi gun. Star Wars? Halo?

Saw this in previous set too but in black.
PGPJ0042 - Doesn't look familiar to me. 

I can only assume that the ones without pictures are the same ones that can be found here, but in black.

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