Tuesday, May 2, 2017

POGO PGPJ0055-PGPJ0065: World War II Guns for Minifigs

Lol I even compiled them in this slide. 

Most, if not all of them, are guns from World War II! Honestly expected more sci-fi stuff but this is also welcome! 

PGPJ0055 - Looks like an M1 Carbine? From the US forces.
PGPJ0056 - Looks like a Thompson SMG with foregrip. Mafia style haha. 

PGPJ0057 - Looks like the famous MP40 from the Germans
PGPJ0058 - Looks like the Type 96 machine gun from the Japanese. Thanks Anonymous! 

PGPJ0059 - I'd say MP40 but not sure. Maybe the Grease Gun? 
PGPJ0060 - Sten? With silencer.

PGPJ0061 - Variant of Sten?
PGPJ0062 - Variant of Sten?

PGPJ0063 - Looks like an FG42 from the Germans. (Thanks Anonymous :D)
PGPJ0064 - Looks like an SVT40 from the Russians. (Thanks Anonymous :D)

PGPJ0065 - Looks like the PPSh-41 from the Russians. 

I'm no expert in guns but just a few weeks ago I was playing Day of Infamy, a WWII game and a few years ago, lots of CoD World ar War. Haha. 

Know some of these guns? Did I make a mistake? Share your thoughts, comments, corrections, questions, and more below! Or start a conversation in Facebook, and don't forget to like the page!!


  1. Two stencil guns? Still pretty random and fun. Yes I did pick up both the Russian snow troops and Germany army guys months ago

    1. These guns really make me wanna pick up some WWII minifigs. Maybe for a Captain America WWII scenario :D

  2. 0063 looks like German FG42
    0064 looks like Russian SVT40

    1. Oh right those guns! Can't believe I forgot about those. Will update the blog. Thanks! :D

  3. 0058 is a Japanese type 96 light machine gun.

    Any idea when they will appear on aliexpress?

    1. Oh yeah forgot that the Japanese had guns that looked like that. Thanks!

      Also, don't know any release dates in Ali.. Sorry. Although the newer ones in my newer post of new WWII guns can be seen here https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/POGO-Buildng-Blocks-10pcs-lot-Weapons-of-Moden-War-Halo-Science-fiction-Star-War-Weapon-Pack/1041264_32808890919.html?spm=2114.12010608.0.0.zmKJcG

      I am in no way affiliated with the seller so buy at your own risk. If possible, maybe you can wait a bit too for more sellers to have these + the other new guns.