Thursday, May 4, 2017

POGO PGPJ0066-PGPJ0074: More World War II Guns and a Batarang for Minifigs

More of these World War guns and a... Batarang..? 

PGPJ0064 and PGPJ0065 have been previewed here already. 
PGPJ0066 doesn't seem to have a solo picture, looks like a DP LMG though, thanks Anonymous!
PGPJ0072 is probably one of the weirdest guns I've ever seen! : - ) 

PGPJ0067 - Some kind of pump action shotgun with even design shells on the side!
PGPJ0068 - No stock pump action shotgun? 

PGPJ0070 - Looks like an MP40 so probably a German WWII weapon
PGPJ0071 - Oh sweet. Mafia style, Thompson SMG with Drum mags

PGPJ0072 - Automatic gatling gun from WWII. Wait, not it's a Batarang.. 
PGPJ0073 - A variant of the Russians' ppsh? It's an smg. 

PGPJ0074 - A variant of the bren gun? 

More of these guns from POGO. First you'd think they have a theme going on with the chronological numbering but apparently not because there's a batarang.. Though I'm sure lots of people would be interested in the batarang. 

Share your thoughts below! Honestly, I think POGO should release minifigs that would use all these new accessories they're releasing. Yes, we want lots of new WWII minifigs along with Halo, Gears of War, GoT (warriors), etc. I mean, there's too many accessories and too few to use them. Don't forget to like us on Facebook as well for more updates!


  1. 66 is a DP light machine gun. Would be nice to see more figs to go with them

    1. Yeah. I think if POGO released minifigs to go with these, then the sales of these AND the minifigs would skyrocket!!! Haha

      Thanks too for the info! :D

  2. I know a few companies that are not going to be happy seeing their products being knocked-off like this. BrickArms and BrickWarriors are going to so pissed off.

    1. Yup. Hopefully these bootleggers start making their own molds too to avoid issues