Wednesday, May 3, 2017

POGO PGPJ0083-PGPJ0090: Golden Ancient Looking Weapons for Minifigs

More weapons... 

PGPJ0083 - Cool looking fancy fork? Haha. 
PGPJ0084 - Looks like those Chinese spears. 

PGPJ0085 - Looks like an Asian bow? Though where's the string?
PGPJ0086 - Another Asian weapon? 

PGPJ0087 - Asian weapon? 
PGPJ0088 - Asian weapon?

PGPJ0089 - Honestly digging this design. 
PGPJ0090 - Asian weapon? 

I don't really know what to say about these accessories. They're welcome but I would still prefer minifigs. Also, not really familiar with such weapons. If any of you have any information regarding them, feel free to inform me below or through Facebook!

Enjoying all these new POGO accessories? Or would you prefer other types of products like more animals, or vehicles, or other types of minifig companions/accessories? Share your thoughts below or through Facebook and don't forget to like us!


  1. They look like medieval Chinese type weapons.

    1. Yeah they do. Only problem now is where to get the minifig armies that can use these.. Haha

    2. They would fit well with the Romance of 3 Kingdoms figures. Would be nice to see some ching dynasty figs to go with them

    3. Yeah I guess. But more choices would be appreciated, especially from POGO since they're the ones releasing all these weapons anyway

  2. Yes I'd love an Chinese knight army. There were some enlighten released a few years ago but I haven't seen them in awhile. Back then you couldn't order loads just sets.

    1. Yeah. Maybe the new brands like KL or WM will release some and take advantage of all these accessories being released by POGO