Monday, May 29, 2017

POGO PGPJ0110-PGPJ0117: Medieval/Gladiator/Dungeon Weapons for Minifigs

It's not just modern/world war stuff today huh.
Credits go to Brickwarriors for the designs!

PGPJ0110 and PGPJ0111

PGPJ0112 and PGPJ0113

PGPJ0114 and PGPJ0115

PGPJ0116 and PGPJ0117

Would look great on a dungeon build specifically.

PGPJ0110 <-> Brickwarriors Ogre Warclub
PGPJ0111 <-> Brickwarriors Flanged Mace
PGPJ0112 <-> Brickwarriors War Hammer
PGPJ0113 <-> Brickwarriors Double Flail
PGPJ0114 <-> Brickwarriors Greatsword
PGPJ0115 <-> Brickwarriors Holy Water Sprinkler
PGPJ0116 <-> Brickwarriors Lantern Shield
PGPJ0117 <-> Brickwarriors Scythian Bow
Thanks to Anonymous for the names! Credits go to Brickwarriors for the designs of course!

Refer to comments section below for the names of almost all, if not all, the weapons from POGO and who made them! Thanks, Anonymous! Click here to browse through all the previews we've seen.

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  1. Let's see whether they come up with golden and silver-grey versions of these as well. In any case, it's all copies of Brickwarriors items:

    PGPJ0110 <-> Brickwarriors Ogre Warclub
    PGPJ0111 <-> Brickwarriors Flanged Mace
    PGPJ0112 <-> Brickwarriors War Hammer
    PGPJ0113 <-> Brickwarriors Double Flail
    PGPJ0114 <-> Brickwarriors Greatsword
    PGPJ0115 <-> Brickwarriors Holy Water Sprinkler
    PGPJ0116 <-> Brickwarriors Lantern Shield
    PGPJ0117 <-> Brickwarriors Scythian Bow

    1. Oh thanks for those! I'll update the post to give credit to the creators :D

  2. It's going to be interesting to see how Brickwarriors reacts, as it's just a matter of time till Pogo has copied all their items. I don't think they have the funds to sue Pogo (in the sense of Lego vs. Lepin), but in that case they might have to close their shop in the medium term.

    1. I feel bad for them honestly. I'm sure they worked hard on their designs and now a bigger [bootleg] company is gonna sell more of their items because they're cheaper there.. Maybe the two companies can make a deal or something to ensure they both survive..

  3. The orc army gets a weapon upgrade.

  4. Here a list of the weapon items released so far. Not sure about 0075-82 though. And I haven't tried to find the original versions of the guns / sci-fi weapons, not into that. Anyway, the first part is about fantasy / historic weapons:

    <-- Historic/fantasy weapons in black -->
    PGPJ0001 <-> Brickwarriors Sarissa Spear in black (see PGPJ0009, 0017)
    PGPJ0002 <-> Brickwarriors Pike in black (see PGPJ0010, 0018)
    PGPJ0003 <-> Brickwarriors Voulge in black (see PGPJ0011, 0019)
    PGPJ0004 <-> Brickwarriors City Watch Halberd in black (see PGPJ0012, 0020)
    PGPJ0005 <-> Brickarms Claymore in black (see PGPJ0013, 0021)
    PGPJ0006 <-> Brickwarriors Viking Longsword in black (see PGPJ0014, 0022)
    PGPJ0007 <-> Brickwarriors Spartan Sword in black (see PGPJ0015, 0023)
    PGPJ0008 <-> Brickwarriors Hunga Munga in black (see PGPJ0016, 0024)

    <-- Historic/fantasy weapons in gray -->
    PGPJ0009 <-> Brickwarriors Sarissa Spear in gray (see PGPJ0001, 0017)
    PGPJ0010 <-> Brickwarriors Pike in gray (see PGPJ0002, 0018)
    PGPJ0011 <-> Brickwarriors Voulge in gray (see PGPJ0003, 0019)
    PGPJ0012 <-> Brickwarriors City Watch Halberd in gray (see PGPJ0004, 0020)
    PGPJ0013 <-> Brickarms Claymore in gray (see PGPJ0005, 0021)
    PGPJ0014 <-> Brickwarriors Viking Longsword in gray (see PGPJ0006, 0022)
    PGPJ0015 <-> Brickwarriors Spartan Sword in gray (see PGPJ0007, 0023)
    PGPJ0016 <-> Brickwarriors Hunga Munga in gray (see PGPJ0008, 0024)

    <-- Historic/fantasy weapons in "gold" -->
    PGPJ0017 <-> Brickwarriors Sarissa Spear in "gold" (see PGPJ0001, 0009)
    PGPJ0018 <-> Brickwarriors Pike in "gold" (see PGPJ0002, 0010)
    PGPJ0019 <-> Brickwarriors Voulge in "gold" (see PGPJ0003, 0011)
    PGPJ0020 <-> Brickwarriors City Watch Halberd in "gold" (see PGPJ0004, 0012)
    PGPJ0021 <-> Brickarms Claymore in "gold" (see PGPJ0005, 0013)
    PGPJ0022 <-> Brickwarriors Viking Longsword in "gold" (see PGPJ0006, 0014)
    PGPJ0023 <-> Brickwarriors Spartan Sword in "gold" (see PGPJ0007, 0015)
    PGPJ0024 <-> Brickwarriors Hunga Munga in "gold" (see PGPJ0008, 0016)

    <-- Historic/fantasy weapons in black -->
    PGPJ0053 <-> Brickforge Pilum in black
    PGPJ0054 <-> Lego Halberd Axe in black

    <-- Asian historic/fantasy weapons in "gold" -->
    PGPJ0083 <-> BrickTW Dark Hell Halberd in "gold" (see PGPJ0091)
    PGPJ0084 <-> BrickTW Cross Dragon Spear in "gold" (see PGPJ0092)
    PGPJ0085 <-> BrickTW Flame Bow in "gold" (see PGPJ0093)
    PGPJ0086 <-> BrickTW Broadsword With Seven Stars in "gold" (see PGPJ0094)
    PGPJ0087 <-> BrickTW Revolution Broadsword in "gold" (see PGPJ0095)
    PGPJ0088 <-> BrickTW Saint Sword in "gold" (see PGPJ0096)
    PGPJ0089 <-> BrickTW Slaughter Broadsword in "gold" (see PGPJ0097)
    PGPJ0090 <-> BrickTW Bloody Combat Broadsword in "gold" (see PGPJ0098)

    <-- Asian historic/fantasy weapons in black -->
    PGPJ0091 <-> BrickTW Dark Hell Halberd in black (see PGPJ0083)
    PGPJ0092 <-> BrickTW Cross Dragon Spear in black (see PGPJ0084)
    PGPJ0093 <-> BrickTW Flame Bow in black (see PGPJ0085)
    PGPJ0094 <-> BrickTW Broadsword With Seven Stars in black (see PGPJ0086)
    PGPJ0095 <-> BrickTW Revolution Broadsword in black (see PGPJ0087)
    PGPJ0096 <-> BrickTW Saint Sword in black (see PGPJ0088)
    PGPJ0097 <-> BrickTW Slaughter Broadsword in black (see PGPJ0089)
    PGPJ0098 <-> BrickTW Bloody Combat Broadsword in black (see PGPJ0090)

  5. <-- Historic/fantasy weapons in black -->
    PGPJ0110 <-> Brickwarriors Ogre Warclub in black
    PGPJ0111 <-> Brickwarriors Flanged Mace in black
    PGPJ0112 <-> Brickwarriors War Hammer in black
    PGPJ0113 <-> Brickwarriors Double Flail in black
    PGPJ0114 <-> Brickwarriors Greatsword in black
    PGPJ0115 <-> Brickwarriors Holy Water Sprinkler in black
    PGPJ0116 <-> Brickwarriors Lantern Shield in black
    PGPJ0117 <-> Brickwarriors Scythian Bow in black

  6. Guns, sci-fi weapons, other equipment:

    <-- Guns 'n' more in black -->
    PGPJ0025 <-> unkown origin
    PGPJ0026 <-> unkown origin, in black (see PGPJ0035)
    PGPJ0027 <-> Brickforge Compound Bow in black (see PGPJ0036)
    PGPJ0028 <-> unkown origin, in black (see PGPJ0037)
    PGPJ0029 <-> unkown origin, in black (see PGPJ0038)
    PGPJ0030 <-> unkown origin, in black (see PGPJ0039)
    PGPJ0031 <-> unkown origin, in black (see PGPJ0040)
    PGPJ0032 <-> unkown origin, in black (see PGPJ0041)
    PGPJ0033 <-> unkown origin, in black (see PGPJ0042)

    <-- Guns 'n' more in gray -->
    PGPJ0034 <-> unkown origin, in gray
    PGPJ0035 <-> unkown origin, in gray (see PGPJ0026)
    PGPJ0036 <-> Brickforge Compound Bow in gray (see PGPJ0027)
    PGPJ0037 <-> unkown origin, in gray (see PGPJ0028)
    PGPJ0038 <-> unkown origin, in gray (see PGPJ0029)
    PGPJ0039 <-> unkown origin, in gray (see PGPJ0030)
    PGPJ0040 <-> unkown origin, in gray (see PGPJ0031)
    PGPJ0041 <-> unkown origin, in gray (see PGPJ0032)
    PGPJ0042 <-> unkown origin, in gray (see PGPJ0033)

    <-- Sci-fi weapons (?) in black -->
    PGPJ0043 <-> Brickforge Shredder Gun in black
    PGPJ0044 <-> Brickarms Plasma Blade in black
    PGPJ0045 <-> unkown origin
    PGPJ0046 <-> unkown origin
    PGPJ0047 <-> Brickwarriors Powerfists (Pair) in black
    PGPJ0048 <-> Brickwarriors Ground Dweller BR in black
    PGPJ0049 <-> unkown origin
    PGPJ0050 <-> Brickwarriors Raider Shotgun in black
    PGPJ0051 <-> Brickwarriors Impaler Assault Riffle in black
    PGPJ0052 <-> Brickwarriors Fire Breather in black

    <-- Guns in black -->
    PGPJ0055 <-> unkown origin, in black (see PGPJ0100)
    PGPJ0056 <-> unkown origin, in black (see PGPJ0099)
    PGPJ0057 <-> unkown origin, in black (see PGPJ0109)
    PGPJ0058 <-> unkown origin, in black (see PGPJ0108)
    PGPJ0059 <-> unkown origin, in black (see PGPJ0103)
    PGPJ0060 <-> unkown origin, in black (see PGPJ0106)
    PGPJ0061 <-> unkown origin, in black (see PGPJ0107)
    PGPJ0062 <-> unkown origin, in black (see PGPJ0105)
    PGPJ0063 <-> unkown origin, in black (see PGPJ0102)
    PGPJ0064 <-> unkown origin, in black (see PGPJ0101)
    PGPJ0065 <-> unkown origin, in black (see PGPJ0104)
    PGPJ0066 <-> unkown origin
    PGPJ0067 <-> unkown origin
    PGPJ0068 <-> unkown origin

    <-- Let's go skiing in black -->
    PGPJ0069 <-> 2 skis & 2 ski poles (???), see

    <-- Guns in black -->
    PGPJ0070 <-> unkown origin
    PGPJ0071 <-> unkown origin

    <-- Batman equipment in black -->
    PGPJ0072 <-> unkown origin, in black

    <-- Sci-fi (?) Guns in black -->
    PGPJ0073 <-> unkown origin
    PGPJ0074 <-> unkown origin


    <-- Guns in gray -->
    PGPJ0099 <-> unkown origin, in gray (see PGPJ0056)
    PGPJ0100 <-> unkown origin, in gray (see PGPJ0055)
    PGPJ0101 <-> unkown origin, in gray (see PGPJ0064)
    PGPJ0102 <-> unkown origin, in gray (see PGPJ0063)
    PGPJ0103 <-> unkown origin, in gray (see PGPJ0059)
    PGPJ0104 <-> unkown origin, in gray (see PGPJ0065)
    PGPJ0105 <-> unkown origin, in gray (see PGPJ0062)
    PGPJ0106 <-> unkown origin, in gray (see PGPJ0060)
    PGPJ0107 <-> unkown origin, in gray (see PGPJ0061)
    PGPJ0108 <-> unkown origin, in gray (see PGPJ0058)
    PGPJ0109 <-> unkown origin, in gray (see PGPJ0057)

    Maybe someone into these items will find the original products.

    Enjoy, Oederland

    1. HOLY. That's a lot man! Thanks! I'll refer people to that! That's a lot of work, big thanks man!

  7. Amazing work. I can only imagine what you have done with castles and knights in your collection.

  8. I don't have a large collection. ;) I'm waiting for some of the Pogo weapons to be released in grey though, and I like to make lists, so I made one to ensure I haven't overlooked anything ;)

    BTW, you were interested in that crusader, weren't you. At Aliexpress I just saw some shops that sell the XINH version (it has back printing, in contrast to Enlighten's original version), and they seem to have free shipping. The minifigs are cheap as well. Try to look for XH645 or X0164.

    Enjoy, Oederland

    1. Alright thanks! :D I'll check them out in my local store and decide there hehe

    2. Alright, maybe it was also you and not Joe. Somehow I thought it was someone from Canada (Joe?) looking for that minifig, not being able to find them for a reasonable price due to not being able to buy at Asian stores. Whatever ;D

      Best regards, Oederland

  9. I might have been wrong with regard to the colours. There are PGPJ0110-17 with some medieval weapons, but there is also PGPJ0118-25 with the very same weapons, however it seems they are a different colour. It is really difficult to judge from the photos I have seen so far, but it might be the case that PGPJ0110-17 are dark grey and PGPJ0118-25 are black. Really difficult. In any case, if some of those are grey then it is much darker than the previous grey that we've seen on the very first PGPJ items.

    Best, Oederland

    1. Thanks but yeah, very very difficult to differentiate the colors based on the pics alone.. And there are so many of them that it's difficult to sort and all. :/