Tuesday, May 30, 2017

POGO PGPJ4035-4040: Sci-fi/Medieval/Steampunk/Fantasy Armors for Minfigs Preview

Can't really tell which genres these things belong too.. Haha

PGPJ4035 and PGPJ4036

PGPJ4037 and PGPJ4038

PGPJ4039 and PGPJ4040

What's the deal with PGPJ4035? Gives the minifig two heads?

Refer to comments section below for the names of almost all, if not all, of these from POGO and who made them! Thanks, Anonymous! Click here to browse through all the previews we've seen.

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  1. These look like a mixture of brickwarriors and other brands. 4035,4037 And 4040 definitely brickwarriors. 4035 is called Ogre armour hence the two heads

    1. I checked again and the only one I can't identify is 4038. All the rest are brickwarriors. Quite an odd mix of themes as well

    2. 4038 is BrickForge. Which has been fortunate enough to not be copied on a grand scale.

  2. I also spent some time on the armor items, see below for a complete list of POGO items that I'm aware of:

    PGPJ4001 <-> Brickwarriors Lizardman Armor (fantasy) in black
    PGPJ4002 <-> Brickwarriors Horned Plate Armor (fantasy) in black
    PGPJ4003 <-> Brickwarriors City Watch Armor (fantasy/historic) in black
    PGPJ4004 <-> Brickwarriors Thrall Armor (fantasy) in black
    PGPJ4005 <-> Brickwarriors Plate Armor (fantasy/historic?) in black
    PGPJ4006 <-> Brickwarriors Viking Armor (fantasy) in black
    PGPJ4007 <-> Brickwarriors Lizardman Armor (fantasy) in gray
    PGPJ4008 <-> Brickwarriors Horned Plate Armor (fantasy) in gray
    PGPJ4009 <-> Brickwarriors City Watch Armor (fantasy/historic) in gray
    PGPJ4010 <-> Brickwarriors Thrall Armor (fantasy) in gray
    PGPJ4011 <-> Brickwarriors Plate Armor (fantasy/historic?) in gray
    PGPJ4012 <-> Brickwarriors Viking Armor (fantasy) in gray
    PGPJ4013 <-> Brickwarriors Lizardman Armor (fantasy) in "gold"
    PGPJ4014 <-> Brickwarriors Horned Plate Armor (fantasy) in "gold"
    PGPJ4015 <-> Brickwarriors City Watch Armor (fantasy/historic) in "gold"
    PGPJ4016 <-> Brickwarriors Thrall Armor (fantasy) in "gold"
    PGPJ4017 <-> Brickwarriors Plate Armor (fantasy/historic?) in "gold"
    PGPJ4018 <-> Brickwarriors Viking Armor (fantasy) in "gold"
    PGPJ4019 <-> Brickwarriors German Gunner Suspenders (WW2) in black
    PGPJ4020 <-> Brickwarriors US Gunner Suspenders (WW2) in black
    PGPJ4021 <-> Brickwarriors Soviet Suspenders (WW2) in black
    PGPJ4022 <-> unkown origin
    PGPJ4023 <-> Brickarms German Rifleman Vest (WW2) in black
    PGPJ4024 <-> Brickarms German Paratrooper Vest (WW2) in black
    PGPJ4025 <-> Brickarms German Grenadier Vest (WW2) in black
    PGPJ4026 <-> Brickarms German Command Vest (WW2) in black
    PGPJ4027 <-> Minifig.Cat Printed E.O.D Bomb Suit (modern warfare) in black
    PGPJ4035 <-> Brickwarriors Ogre Armor (dual-headed, fantasy/sci-fi)
    PGPJ4036 <-> Brickwarriors Android Armor (sci-fi)
    PGPJ4037 <-> Brickwarriors Resistance Trooper Armor (sci-fi)
    PGPJ4038 <-> unkown origin
    PGPJ4039 <-> Brickwarriors Galaxy Inforcer Armor (sci-fi)
    PGPJ4040 <-> Brickwarriors Digger Armor (fantasy/sci-fi)

    Considering XINH X0164 to rely on POGO items, and considering some more "new" items in X0164, PGPJ4028-34 might correspond to those. In any case, X0164 includes some more copies of Brickwarriors items:
    XH644 <-> Brickwarriors Muscled Cuirass (historic) in black
    XH646 <-> Brickwarriors Spartan Cape (historic) in "gold"
    XH648 <-> Brickwarriors Lorica Segmentata (historic) in grey
    XH649 <-> Brickwarriors Spartan Cape (historic) in red

    Hope this helps. ;)

    Enjoy, Oederland

    1. Update:

      PGPJ4028 is like PGPJ4027, but in olive
      PGPJ4029 is like PGPJ4027, but in "sand" (?)

      See https://gd2.alicdn.com/bao/uploaded/i2/2499505537/TB20m.ajY_0UKFjy1XaXXbKfXXa_!!2499505537.jpg and https://gd4.alicdn.com/bao/uploaded/i4/2499505537/TB2wQuurR0kpuFjSsziXXa.oVXa_!!2499505537.jpg

      Enjoy, Oederland

    2. Oh thanks man! I only saw the sand colored one but not the olive. I'll update the blog! Thanks, Oederland! :D

  3. Replies
    1. I think these would do well on other post-apocalyptic settings too hehe

  4. Checked out brickwarriors...so much more to copy. Love the sallet helmet and some of the samurai armour.

    1. Maybe POGO's just taking their time since hopefully they're also doing other minifigs as well hehe

  5. Anyone has the link to where we can order these?

    1. If they're not there yet, best thing to do right now is to wait. :(

    2. Saw some mace type weapons and a flail today online. Plced an order right away!