Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sheng Yuan SY763: Minecraft My World Mini Landscapes Builds Preview

The pieces here are perfect for nature/environment display building!

SY763A - Mini tree and pond build with flying duck? 
SY763B - Mini monstre cage with a Creeper with guns? 

SY763C - Mini island with one eyed shark!?
SY763D - Mini treasure island with a cute squid?

SY763E - Mini lava throne with mini Ender Dragon!
SY763F - Mini farm with pond with crab??

SY763G - Mini snow place with colored pigs?
SY763H - Mini snow place with human statue and Snow Golem?

These things aren't really truly Minecraft based, since lots of elements aren't seen in Minecraft. Maybe just the minifigs are, and even some of them aren't. Still, you'll end up buying these for extra parts! 

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