Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sheng Yuan SY874: Captain America and Kamala Khan vs Super Adaptoid Review

Literally got this then few hours later I find out Kopf previewed a single sale Kamala Khan..

Basically what's in the set are 3 minifigs and one jet. 

Surprised that my box came with another box inside, for a while my local stores didn't have that secondary box inside anymore. Anyway.. 

5 bags + 1 manual + 1 sticker sheet + 1 flat bar (yeah, didn't come with plastic or anything)

The bags are random meaning, you're gonna have to open them all up asap. After two pages (or 4 steps), I already opened 4 of the bags. 

Are these disc shooter pieces new? I love them. 

Skipping the stickers on this build. I plan on disassembling. Snapped a pic of the parts with stickers. 

Showing one of the play features. Can't really show a lot through pictures so I'll let the manual do it. Your press that brown thing on the right picture and the disc shoots! Came with 4 discs too, meaning 2 extra, not all of them are aligned well (in terms of printing) though if you look closer.

Another thing is the wings flap open you push that slide forward. It only does it one way though which is disappointing. 

This jumper thing was also ridiculous btw. Couldn't even get a minifig to attach, but I don't use it anyway. 

An all around view of the jet. Not a fan. Looks really childish and all, but some of you might like it. 

Issue: Cockpit won't fully close just like a lot of other SY sets. 

Cap sits on the cockpit through a flat piece where his leg gap fits in. Way better than the usual studs for sitting down.

Of course for everyone's favorite part!

Really well made. No complaints. 

So yeah, no streched arms like TLG's, but other people actually prefer this. Another difference from TLG's is the lack of an alternate face. 

That's Super Adaptoid for you guys. I like him enough but not wow. 

The face inside the helmet though is a grey Tony Stark. I think TLG doesn't have that? Not sure if the POGO/XINH ones have that as well lol! It doesn't really matter since he has the helmet on and well I actually prefer this so I have a special head for certain MOCs! HAHA. 

The extra parts. The parts in the upper portion of the picture are Adaptoid's parts. The ones in the lower portion are the extra parts. And yes, SY doesn't have the new shooting parts for minifigs and instead used those older molds. 

I picked this up just for Kamala Khan, and I'm sure a lot of you are looking for this set just for Kamala Khan as well, but Kopf previewed their own Kamala Khan so I recommend looking at that first, if it's decent or not, before buying a whole set for a lone minifig. Though if you are getting this, the quality is really good for both minifigs and the build; I don't really like the build though but that's TLG's fault but I do love the minifigs and that's also TLG's fault! Haha. 

TL;DR - Wait for Kopf Kamala Khan, if it's good and you only want Kamala from this set, then just get that one on single sale. If you want the whole set though, then go ahead and pick the TLG version for the best quality and the long armed Kamala Khan or this one, the second best option. Also, if you're really choosy about quality, these are better than their XINH/POGO counterparts as far as I've seen! 

Thoughts? Happy that Kopf previewed their own Kamala before you bought this one? Or still picking this one up? Share your thoughts below or through Facebook and please like the page as well for more reviews, previews, MOCs, and more!

Side note: Gosh I need to manage the number of pictures better next time! Haha!

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