Friday, May 12, 2017

WM Brand WM206: Iron Fist (Open Chest Costume) Minifig Review

WM back at it! 

Before anything else, this Iron Fist is different from TLG's official design because TLG's official design doesn't have an open chest, so it's just a shirt/suit with the dragon logo on it and not the tattoo visible on the skin. 

Got two new WM minifigs. Iron Fist and Lady Deadpool. What's funny is I already have an Iron Fist and a Lady Deadpool already, but hey, might as well get them. (Especially Iron Fist, because this classic suit is sweet.) 

First thing to notice after looking closer would be the unaligned torso print. Notice the bigger gap from the left (from this perspective). This may be an isolated case though since not all minifigs are produced equally, which is the usual case for bootleggers. I can imagine the hassle if it's online buying too since you get the chance of getting a more unaligned print easily because of the lack of ability to check your purchase.. 

 Closer look on the gap at the left, see that empty green space? 

On the other hand, the right side's print kinda overlaps on the side torso. This torso print issue isn't too much of a big deal as long as you keep the arms down, cause the arms kinda take the attention away from the torso print.  

Just a view of the sides.  

Another. Notice the difference of the two side pictures, with one of them having overlapping print from the torso while the other doesn't. Hopefully WM improves on this. 

Back print is very simple, but still looks great for the character!  

Oh, another thing about the misaligned print, the top or neck area has overlapping print from the torso as well.  

As mentioned in the previous picture, the torso print kinda overlaps the neck which means that the torso print is elevated leaving a bit of a bigger space just right above the waist of the minifig. Here's the white Iron Fist from WM as well for comparison of the waist/stomach prints. 
Check out the individual review for the white Iron Fist here

So far though, I'm loving my WM minifigs! Just for your information, here are my current WM minifigs: MOC Shang-Chi from Bruce Lee, White Iron Fist, this Iron Fist, Lady Deadpool, and Logan. My next WM target would be that chrome armed Winter Soldier; excited for him since he's probably gonna be my first chrome minifig! (Hopefully my local stores will have him!)

Lady Deadpool review to be up soon! 

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