Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Xingbao XB09001: Similar to Minecraft Mini Landscape Build Preview

Well.. This is awkward. 

Well I guess Xingbao also takes in MOCs of official themes? Could be good especially for superhero fans. Hoping for the X-Mansion that was rejected at Ideas, but only if the designer agrees and is compensated! 

That green creature doesn't look like a Minecraft mob. That black door thing too doesn't look like anything from Minecraft, maybe a Nether Portal, but not much really.

Here are all the XB Minecrafts set so far: XB09001XB09002XB09003XB09004XB09005.


  1. This is so weird. Their previous MOCs were also not licensed, like Akira bike or Alien, but at least they didn't cross with Lego series. What the hell are they doing?

    1. Yeah that's what's really weird. TLG wasn't involved before but now... uh oh might be trouble :(