Friday, May 19, 2017

Xingbao XB09002: Similar to Minecraft Mini Farm Build Preview

So there's not just one Minecraft clone from Xingbao. 

It's really weird since TLG has Minecraft, versus the other stuff Xingbao has made like Alien wherein TLG doesn't have those. 

Interesting to note though that despite these being Minecraft-inspired, they stop at being inspired since many of these bricks are not entities in the game itself. For the most part only the minifigs are Minecraft material. 

Check out Xingbao's first Minecraft set preview here.

Here are all the XB Minecrafts set so far: XB09001XB09002XB09003XB09004XB09005.

Thoughts? Hate Xingbao for doing these? Or love them and hope they release other MOCs from TLG themes? Share them below or through Facebook and please like the page to support us!

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