Tuesday, May 16, 2017

XINH X0124: Star Wars Minifigs with Two Astromechs, Battle Scarred Darth Vader, and More Preview

XINH is also releasing a Star Wars after POGO's. But with different designs yay!

XINH 331 - R4-P17
XINH 332 - R2-D2
XINH 333 - EPIII Anakin Skywalker Pilot
XINH 334 - EPVI Luke Skywalker
XINH 335 - EPIII Darth Vader [Before his transformation]
XINH 336 - EPI Ani Skywalker
XINH 337 - EPII Anakin Skywalker with Backup Lightsaber
XINH 338 - TFA Luke Skywalker

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  1. Uggg. Boring. That sweet set from two months ago was more interesting but never was released. Sad

    1. Way back in your March 7th post. Sheng Yuan SY637 and SY638. Nothing g ever showed up just the computer generated pics you posted.

    2. Oh yeah that one. I'm also wondering about what happened to those. Even the TLBM ones aren't out yet. Maybe cancelled?