Friday, May 26, 2017

XINH X0158: Armored Horses for Minifigs Preview

More goodies for our increasing medieval figs!

These guys looks great! Time to make cavalries!

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  1. Do you know to what series are they related?

    May wanna grab the black one for Batman legionnaire.

    1. Don't know where these guys came from.. But they look great and yeah that black one would really suit Batman!

    2. To me it looks like random bootlegs of Lego horses ;)

      The armours of 595 and 598 correspond to horses of the "Fantasy Era" in 2007. The golden version was included in Lego 7009 (the darker blue elements were much darker though), the silver one was included in Lego 7093 and 7094.

      596 corresponds to the Red Lions Knights' silver armour version from 2010, which was available in Lego 7947. It has been reused for Lego 10223 Kingdoms Joust (which has been copied by Lepin lately ;) ). The Red Lion Knights had a second armoured horse (included in Lego 7946), the red-white variant has already been copied by SY (SY166). 597 corresponds to the horse of the Dragon Knights, the original Lego set is 7187. 602 corresponds to the other horse included in Lego 10223 Kingdoms Joust.

      599 is a copy of the Royal Knights' horse from Lego 6090, which was released in 1995 (!).

      600 is a copy of the samurai's horse from Lego 3053, which was released in 1999.

      Finally, 601 is a copy of the horse from Lego 8777 dating back to 2004 (the symbol is meant to reflect a scorpion).

      So in summary, nothing unique. It's interesting that they don't come up with copies of the horses already included in SY165, SY166, Lele 70402, SY 253.

    3. Anyway. I DO NEED 602 (it will work well for my two Enlighten crusaders)... and possibly some of the others as well, except 601 ;D But let's see. XINH seems to use very bright colours e. g. on some of the XO142 LotR minifigs, which looks a bit weird then.