Friday, June 2, 2017

DTB DTB012: Batroc (from Captain America: Winter Soldier) Minifig MOC

Please make another appearance in the MCU.

Didn't have the right type of purple to make him look like the one in the movie so I just used maroon. 
Since he's gonna have that vest on him all the time, I just used Gamora's torso since I don't see myself using that one for anyone else other than Gamora. (I have another Gamora so it's fine)

Parts used: 
Head: POGO Tyrion Lannister
Torso: Decool Gamora
Arms: Decool Gamora
Legs: Black (Might chagne to grey or tan when I get some)
Vest/Armor: From DOLL soldier minifig I got before.

Inspiration from these. Hard to find his classic torso design from existing minifigs so I decided to copy the Minimates design and just added the tan army vest. 

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