Saturday, June 3, 2017

DTB DTB013: Tombstone (Spider-Man Villain) Minifig MOC

Seemed like a simple MOC so I made him. 

Parts used: 
Hair: Alfred from Classic Batman Minifigs series
Head: Voldemort
Hands: White
Everything else: Alfred from Classic Batman Minifigs series

He also has a variant wherein he's not in a suit/tuxedo but I chose this one since finding half black and half white/grey arms would be difficult. For now, the pictures above serve as his inspiration. Maybe I'll update his torso when I get my hands on some more "accurate" ones. For

Would've preferred this piece of white hair, but that Ninjago guy is the only one I know that has that, and he's kinda hard to get for me right now. 

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  1. LOL, without having read the title, I thought I was looking at a undead/evil Donald Trump (isn't he already undead/evil anyway?). As for the headpiece, I've been compiling King of Glory minifigures recently and the exact same piece is used in 2 JLB sets (3D5190 & 3D529). I only have a picture of the 2nd set:

    You may be able to get you're hands on these a bit more easily and cheapy than that Ninjago minifig. If not that, I would suggest using a black/brown hair piece and paint it white.

    1. Oh thanks for that! :D Finally have more options. I'm not too worried right now though since the upcoming Ninjago movie will probably have bootleggers making lots of minifigs from them, so probably that white ninja will also be made with that white hairpiece. :D