DTB DTB014: Marvel's Elsa Bloodstone Minifig MOC

First learned about her in Marvel Future Fight but she's relatively popular in the comics as well. 

Parts used:
Head - Girl head, possibly Black Widow's
Coat - Black coat, possibly from Nick Fury's
Torso and legs - Prisoner Poison Ivy
Arms - Black
Guns - Guns lol
Hair - XINH Wasp

I would've preferred orange hair and longer [ponytail] hair, but I don't have those right now.
Also, it's weird because I got the torso from POGO Poison Ivy but it seems the torso is male and not female.

Just permanent marker for the legs to add those boots. 

At least the coat covers that! Haha

This is her on Marvel Future Fight. (An Android/iOS Marvel game.)
She appears with a crop top kind of shirt in the comics, as in her tummy is visible, but that's harder to find so I based her off of MFF's instead.

I'm pretty sure she starred in a Marvel Zombies comic hence the zombies in the background haha.

Know better orange female parts? Or better hair? Share your thoughts and recommendations below or through Facebook and please like the page for more previews, reviews, MOCs, and more!


  1. I love making my own Mocs. Here's a few iv done.

    1. Nice man! :D It seems I already follow you on FlickR haha

  2. Replies
    1. SPAM!? Caution to my readers! Beware of the links above!

  3. Just fyi, prisoner Ivy has male torso instead of female. You might wanna change it.

    1. I know. It's weird.. :/ Might get the Catwoman prisoner soon instead.

  4. I think I would use Aurra Sing KF 231 as base.

    1. Yeah I thought about that! I'll try! Hehe :D


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