Friday, June 9, 2017

DTB DTB015: Marvel Netflix' Elektra Minifig MOC

One of my first MOC ideas!

The Hand ninjas seen here

Her with POGO's Netflix Daredevil! 

Her parts are very simple. Yes, I used an angry woman face even because the mouth gets covered anyway. 

Parts used: 
Head - Angry Woman (No alternate face) [You can use any woman face]
Torso - The Dark Knight Catwoman (Decool because XINH's TDK Catwoman has blue design)
Arms - Flesh arms
Legs - Black legs
Hair - Ponytail. Would've preferred black, but at the time I couldn't find it in black. Right now though there is a Star Trek set with black ponytail hair. 
Weapons - Sais bought as individual accessories. Tarantula from DC TLBM has them but in black.
Face cover/mask - Ninjago. The red ninja guy. 

Some eye candy.  

More eye candy lol

On the left: Netflix Elektra. On the right: Netflix based Elektra from Marvel Future Fight.
I would've preferred classic Elektra minifig but this one's way easier to make haha. 

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  1. feel free to delete if u dont want shop advertised but they have a good selection of weapons,armor and hair pieces and they ship fast also for nobu maybe the batman 3000 body and head u could another red hood or use the helmets from the red guard or suited body and bruce lee head

    1. I see. Thanks for this. I don't mind links to stores, I just want everyone to be cautious where they buy and that I won't be liable for their bad customer experience haha. And, thinking of making a Nobu for myself so thanks for the ideas! :D