Sunday, June 11, 2017

DTB DTB016: Marvel Hellcat Minifig MOC

Hellcat's costume is simple but I still like it. Had to create a MOC of her.

Parts used: 
Head: TDK Catwoman (Decool)
Torso: Crystal (KL) (Erased the prints above chest with pencil eraser)
Legs and arms: Crystal (KL)
Helmet: Batgirl

I also used permanent market to make her belt a straight line without crystal designs. Also erased the black print on her hip piece. Too bad I'm not so good at using the marker hence the bad quality lines.. Might get a replacement torso soon if I have the budget haha. 

In the show, she's best friends with Jessica Jones. (Instead of the Jessica Jones - Spider-Woman bestfriendship in the comics.)

This is her in the comics. Yeah the horns could have been shorter, but no options except for cutting the Batgirl ears or gluing hair on Classic Batman helmet. 

This is really adding up to my own Defenders hype. Of course, in the TV show, Patsy Walker doesn't have a costume and is barely even a fighter [yet]. 

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