Tuesday, June 13, 2017

DTB DTB016: Misty Knight (Marvel) Minifig MOC

Completing my Defenders minifigs!! Even though they're a mix of Netflix and classic versions haha.

Parts used: 
Hair - That hairpiece, bought it on single sale from a local collector
Head - Storm (X-Men)
Torso, arms, legs - Kabuki Twin (TLBM)
Left hand - brown/matches face
Right hand - goldish hand
Gun - Revolver/magnum/six-shooter

If I ever find black or brown afro hairpieces, maybe I'll change this. 

I could've easily changed her whole right arm into gold but the picture for reference below has her wearing long sleeves so I chose to just replace one hand.

Of course people who watched Netflix Luke Cage knows she's an important character.

Based on this costume of Misty Knight. 

I also have a Colleen Wing that I'm still partially completing. I'll share with you guys soon so stay tuned!

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  1. Hi sir DTB, My DC Amanda Waller fig is using storm's face decool, falcon' afro SY, and louise lane suit decool. (Agent waller when she was sexy younger).

    Trivia: Currently TLG released only 2 black african female heads, 1 is storm and the other is the black female lead on gohostbusters 2.

    Nice use of kabuki twins torso, I saw also someone used the Kabuki heads as court of owls army (batman).

    My Misty knight, used scarlet witch torso decool, random red legs, head is barbara gordon TLBM Pogo and hair peice is full afro lego (70's misty knight) Gold right arm and hands from gold ninjago lele.

    I saw someone used the Lego CMS devil kid red torso jump suit for his Misty knight.

    TRIVIA: Misty knight's posthesis arm is from Tony Stark. - Ritche H.

    1. Wow nice I'd love to see them some day, if you're willing to share! :D The Facebook page can accept pictures pretty well! :D Or maybe some sharing in Pinoy Bricksters haha.

      I want the CMS Devil Kid for a Homecoming Homemade Spider-Suit Spider-Man minifig + Red Hood head and some blue and red arms and legs etc etc :D

      Also yes, i'd love to see her arm cut off then meet up with Tony in the movies. One can dream haha