Wednesday, June 14, 2017

DTB DTB018: Jack O'Lantern (Marvel Villain) Minifig MOC

I had a spare elf and a spare Hobgoblin (hence spare pumpkin bomb) lying around and realized I could make this guy!

Without flaming head. Also featuring my Green Goblin MOC glider!

With flaming head. 

Used Cap simply because his shield can cover up the bricks lifting up Jack O'Lantern. (But still wasn't covered enough) Hahaha

Parts used: 
Head - Hobgoblin's pumpkin bomb (Might change this soon)
Torso and legs - CMF 3 Elf
Arms - XINH Suicide Squad Killer Croc (Have two spare for parts haha)
Glider/Saucer - Assortment of parts. Very simple.

His saucer/glider thing. Did my best haha.

I think I'll change his head into the one above if I can get it. I think a Scooby Doo set has this.

My main inspiration! 
(Jason Macendale Jr. as Jack O'Lantern)

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  1. Dormammu's head would work we for Jack O'Lantern.

    1. Would've been nice except Dormammu's head is transparent and I don't want his head to be transparent. I've also replaced this guy's head with a pumpkin helmet already, the one from Scooby Doo. Might share a picture soon! :D