Saturday, June 17, 2017

DTB DTB019: Colleen Wing (Marvel Daughters of the Dragon) Minifig Preview

Love completing the Netflix characters (Even though lots of my MOCs aren't based on their Netflix counterparts.)

Finally my own Daughters of the Dragon in minifig form! 

Parts used:
Hair: Black Widow (Avengers 2012)
Head: XINH Wasp (Kinda looks Asian? Hope I'm not being racist..)
Torso: Princess Leia (EPIV, not sure from which set)
Others: Generic parts

I'm still gonna change this in case I find other white torsos for females that I think will suit her! 

The pictures where I got my inspiration. Different for my Misty Knight though.

I still enjoyed Iron Fist despite the bad reviews and Colleen Wing was an interesting character in it!

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  1. idea for a body u could use the jedi consular would work for colleen

    1. or u could use sue storm from the future foundation

    2. I thought of using Jedi Consular but it wasn't white enough for me because there were a lot of designs and all. Sue Storm could work but I'd have to erase the logo hmmm... Thanks for the suggestions! :D

  2. what other mocs do u plan on doing might be able to throw a few ideas at ya

    1. Right now I'm currently trying to do Marvel Howling Commandos, the monsters not the WWII team. I've reserved a mummy minifig for N'Kantu and bought a ManBat for the Wolfman/Werewolf by Night.

      So yeah right now I'm trying to turn Manbat into a werewolf (Werewolf by Night) Hahaha

    2. if u dont mind doing a small bit of painting u get a wolf or tiger head from the chima/chimo figs would work for warwolf with angel apoc body i did a bronze tiger and cheetah for em. grodd for gorilla man theres also a gorilla from chima got him recently his with moc gorilla which i used for a giant in my game of thrones collection

    3. Oh yeah, I want some Chima sets just for those haha. I'll try to get my hands on them then see what I can do hehe. I'm also gonna try using markers first before painting, maybe Sharpies or Gundam markers because I'm not too artistic for painting yet haha

    4. Also, big thanks for the suggestions!! :D