Wednesday, June 21, 2017

DTB DTB021: Chameleon (Spider-Man Villain) Minifig MOC

Another Chameleon minifig: anyone. (Because he kinda shapeshifts.)

Parts used: 
Head - Grey faced Ninjago character from this POGO set
Everything else - Classic Bruce Wayne (Batman 1966)

Almost used the Voldemort head on him but I already used Voldemort's head on Tombstone and didn't want them being "twins" in my collection hahaha

For reference.

He loves his heads and Spider-Man dead.

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  1. I love these customs. I am definitely going to use some of these ideas. My Chameleon I used he same head but, Professor X's torso and legs from Age of Apocalypse (black torso and body)

    1. Glad you like them! :D and yeah this head is amazing for Chameleon in my opinion. Feel free to share some of your own MOCs too! Maybe you have some that I've never thought about too! :D