Sunday, June 25, 2017

DTB DTB022: Marvel's Cloak and Dagger Minifigs MOC

Yeah, I treat them as one. Haha

The guy with the cloak is Cloak. The girl with the "energy dagger" is Dagger.

Parts used:

Head - XINH Firestorm
Everything else (except hands): Voldemort

Head and hair: POGO GoT Daenerys
Torso: EPVI Jabba's Barge Han Solo
Others: Generic

Yeah, I used a male body on Dagger.  

For reference:
As you can see, Dagger's torso is very hard to "recycle" from other minifigs. The open chest adds to that difficulty.

So I used this as reference too, the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon's Dagger.

Really hope the upcoming MCU TV show doesn't flop.

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  1. kewl cloak and dagger the wrath cloak from the lotr set might be a better cloak for cloak

    1. Oh yeah interesting. I'll see what I can do hehe