Sunday, June 18, 2017

DTB: Minifigs Haul for June 18, 2017

Another small haul for the weekend!

The rest of the Marvel minifigs from POGO's latest minifig set. I already reviewed the other four from the set. 

Silk from the new Spider-Man XINH set. (Will only be getting the PS4 Spider-Man then wait for a whole set for the other minifigs in the set.) On the right is X-23 from POGO.

The bottom row + the Superior Iron Man on the right middle row are for MOCs. Lele's Tinkerbell was missing an arm. The only other experience I had with Lele was a Captain America that was also missing an arm.. At least the print quality now is better.

My usual camera (LG G3) wasn't booting so I had to use my "real" camera (Nexus 5, which is what I used back when I started this blog.) which has bad quality. Hoping to get a new phone soon for better camera, a professional camera is out of the discussion because it's waaaaay out of the budget hahaha.

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Stay tuned for the reviews!

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