Tuesday, June 6, 2017

DTB: Small Minifig Haul for June 6, 2017

Just for MOC parts and some Marvel items on my wishlist.

These four were on my wishlist. Beetle from KL. The rest from POGO. Didn't like POGO quality on these ones, review coming soon.

These ones for MOC parts. Black Armored Spartan from XINH, Cobra Commander and Eye Henchman from KL, Han Solo from PG/XH, He-Man from Kopf, Grey Ninjago guy from XINH.

Will post review on some of them soon!

Also bought the middle Sabretooth. Apparently he's more brown, but his yellow is also different from my Shocker's. Decided not to change my Shocker's legs anymore. 

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  1. There is no way cobra commander is for parts!!!

    1. I'm using the shiny blank head for something hehe